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trying to get your friends to watch a show you like


Gentle persuasion

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That Girl is a Problem; About the girl who likes drugs and taking off her clothes.I’ll make you dirty boys blush.” {LISTEN}

01. Problem - Natalia Kills | 02Vegas Girl - Conor Maynard | 03. Like It’s Her Birthday - Good Charlotte | 04Dirty Sexy - Rusko | 05Hot Mess - Cobra Starship | 06Hey Sexy Lady - i SQUARE | 07Kiss My Lips - DEV | 08Take It Off - Ke$ha | 09Redlight District - Porcelain and the Tramps | 10Pursuit of Happiness - Steve Aoki Remix - Kid Cudi | 11Eat You Up - BoA | 12I Get Off - Halestorm | 13Wild - Jessie J | 14My Chick Bad - Ludacris | 15Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon | 16Something In Your Mouth - Nickelback | 17Werk Me - Hyper Crush | 18Sexy Naughty Bitchy - Tata Young | 19Stiletto Sex - Myah Marie | 20Hollywood Whore - Papa Roach | BONUSWicked Games - The Weeknd

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♡ Megan Mace Gif Hunt ♡


This is a small, mainly hq gif hunt of the gorgeous Megan Mace. Please like/reblog this if you found this helpful or used/saved any of these. There is a download link or you can save them the old fashioned way. A few of these are mine, although many I cropped. Enjoy!


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First of all do not repost and do not claim as your own, it's not cool man. It was supposed to be kind of girly but really it's what ever you make of it. Please like or reblog if you use. Download it here.

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The Fault in Our Stars a.k.a. “you could literally throw this book at my face and it wouldn’t hurt nearly as much as the story”

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It’d be lovely if you check out our OC RP based on Divergent!

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I’m going on a revamp soooo. semi hiatus for the rest of the week yeah

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you could spell pennslyvnaia wrong and usually no one notices

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